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Happy Black Fiveday (Weeklong Edition)!

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Happy Black Fiveday (Weeklong Edition)!

The days are short, the air is cold (looking at you, northern hemisphere), but here to get us through it all are the Holiday Szn Five Ultimate savings!

For the entire week of Thanksgiving (starting now!) through Cyber Monday, you can get 25% off the entire online store using the code BLACKFIVEDAY. This week, every day is Fiveday.

Also, in honor of the holiday spirit, our art team has thrown together an amazing holiday line of jerseys and sun hoodies. Check out our 2021 Holidayz collection (no guarantee they'll arrive in time for your toy drive hat tournament, but we'll do our darnedest). From Thanksgiving to New Year's to the snowmen in between, we'll have you dressing the part for the rest of the year.

In other exciting news, our 2021 USNT store is back up! After the first wave of gear for the 2021 National Team players and coaches (RIP to that season, they would've been great), we've decided to reopen the items so that you too can feel like a would-be champ. We have tanks through sun hoodies in white, dark, and Pride color sets, and all items are customizable.

Our Winter Collection LAUNCHED this week to carry you through your winter Goalti league. Get em while they're hot!

And finally, for all those non-natties bound college teams or anyone with a cold tournament coming up, you can get 25% off your next custom order for your whole team! Just contact us by November 30 and mention this offer. Order must be placed by December 31 to qualify. 

'Tis the season to look fly as heck, and we just want to do our part for the greater good.