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Custom FAQ

So, you've got some questions...

Custom Orders 

How do I start a team order? 
It couldn't be easier! Just click this link, follow the on-screen instructions, and you'll have a box of fresh, custom swag on your doorstep in no time at all! Don't have a doorstep? We deliver to curbsides, back-alleys, and summer meadows as well!*
*That's not true.

Can you print last names that are longer than 20 characters long?
Yes, (we have printed “M. Nahasapeemapetilon” on the back of a jersey) but the size of the font will have to be smaller than the rest of the names in order to make it fit! (“M. Burns” of the same team took up much less space, and therefore the font could be larger.)

Will my goat get sick if he eats a Five Ultimate jersey?
Tin cans > jerseys; he will probably be fine but to be sure, please call your local veterinarian.

If we put our team name on the back of our jersey, is that $5 like player names?

No, having your team name on the back of your jerseys means that the name will be the same on all the jerseys. Therefore, we consider it a screen, which is $3 per jersey. Player names cost $5 because they are different on each jersey.

Can some of our players get names (or numbers) and some of them not?
Yes! That’s totally fine!

Can you print in hot pink? How about aqua blue? How about sugarplum? How about…?
We can match just about any color you would like to have printed – even metallic gold and silver. It’s helpful for us if you can provide us with a Pantone number for the color you’re after, if you have something very specific in mind.

Can you screen print over the seams of garments?
Yes! We charge $3.50 per screen (instead of our normal $3 per screen) for printing over the seam. Keep in mind that the ink will not be completely smooth over the seam, though. This is because the screen printing machine cannot lay flat over the bumpy seam. We try to minimize the effect of the bumpy seam, but some bumpiness is unavoidable. Designs with thinner lines over the seam do much better than thick blocks of ink.

What do you mean by a ‘screen’?
We wrote this short article to clear this question up! In the silkscreen process, a screen is equal to a single color in a single location. For example, a pink and purple elephant on your chest will require two screens. A yellow and green duck on your sleeve will require another two screens.

What does Five Ultimate charge for artwork assistance?
Nothing. $0. We know not every team captain is a wizard at graphic design so Five is proud to offer free artwork assistance to those teams who need it. Just remember designing takes a long time. So please be patient with our very talented team as we put something together. Oh, and be sure to check out our policies page for more info (link).

I play youth ultimate. Can I have a discount?
Absolutely, we give a discount to all youth teams who order jerseys with us – just for playing youth ultimate, you get $2 off the base price of your jerseys. Right on!

What’s the difference between screen printing and sublimation?
Screen printing is a process of transferring ink through a permeable screen in your chosen design and setting it onto a garment. It’s fast, durable, and affordable. The largest we can make screens is 16” x 12.5”. Since screen printed inks lay on top of the fabric larger designs can add weight to a jersey and the printing may wear after many washes. Sublimation is a form of printing that uses heat and pressure on special paper to gaseously infuse fabric with designs and logos. This transfer leaves all the technical properties of our custom fabrics intact. Sublimated items will stay as vibrant, breathable, and as light as the day you bought it. We also sublimate the jersey fabric of sublimated jerseys before they are sewn together. This allows us to customize every inch of a jersey.


Can I get my order in time for this tournament that’s coming up?
We like to start the order process by asking the team whey they need their gear, so we can do everything in our power to meet their deadline. Though we generally have a production timeline of 3-4 weeks for screen printed or spot sublimated gear, we often beat that. Keep in mind that spring is a busy time, and if you need your gear by a certain date, you should get in touch sooner rather than later!

How long will it take to receive my order after I finalize it?
Standard order processing takes about 3-4 weeks for screen printed orders and 6-8 weeks for full sublimated gear after you finalize your order. We strive to get you your gear as fast as we can and can usually get orders done slightly faster than our guaranteed timelines. After your order heads out our door, shipping within the US takes 1-5 business days depending on how far away from Seattle you are. Remember that an order is only finalized when we have received approval of both the order quote and official mock ups and payment has been sent in.

What does Five Ultimate charge for printing set up?
Nada! As long as you reach our order minimums (15 items for a new order. 10 items for a reorder) there are no set up fees.

Can our team order fewer than 15 items?
For new orders, we charge a screen creation/setup fee for $30 per screen. This is to account for the work it requires to create and set up the screens for printing. (For reorders, the order minimum is 10.)

What if we’re ordering 10 black shorts and 10 gray shorts? The total is more than 15, right?
If the printing is exactly the same between the shorts (same dimensions and color) or if you aren’t getting printing on your gear, then yes! If the color of ink will have to change between the different colored shorts, even though the logo stays the same, we charge a $10 color change fee for making the switch.


Does a reorder follow the same timeline as a new order?
Since we don’t have to go through the artwork finalization process, we can usually turn around a reorder a little more quickly than a new order. Still, our standard time line for getting reorders to ship out is 3-4 weeks for screen printed orders and 6-8 weeks for sublimated gear.

I’d like to reorder, but we don’t have enough to have a 10 item reorder minimum. What can I do?
You can either dig up some friends/fans interested in getting some of your sweet team gear, or you can pay the setup fees for small orders. The setup fees are $16 per screen, per order. So, if you had a two color logo and numbers, and want only 5 jerseys, that would be $32 split between the five of you. Other than that, the cost of your gear will be the same as it was on your previous order. Free shipping does not apply to orders below our minimum quantities.

I’d like to reorder through you guys because your gear was so awesome last time! Do you still have our artwork on file, or do I need to resend it to you?
We keep everything on file for you so that the next time you order, the process will be that much easier! Once you're in contact with one of our Account Managers, inform them of any changes from last year's kit (e.g. you want numbers this year, and last year you didn’t have them).


How long will it take to get my order if I’m an international customer?
For our international customers, we will ship your gear to you within 3-4 weeks of receipt of payment, but we cannot guarantee a delivery date. This is because each country's customs processing times vary and certain shipping carriers take a different amount of time to deliver packages. We’ve found that pretty much everywhere we’ve delivered internationally you’ll get our gear within 1-4 weeks. Faster shipping is available, but it is expensive. If you’re interested in that option, let us know when you place your order.

Can you ship to the UK? How about Kathmandu?
Yes! We ship anywhere that the trusty United States Postal Service delivers. You’ll want to check in with what your local import duties/fees or VATs will cost you, since you’ll need to pay those when you receive your package. We cannot be liable for international shipping.

Can I pay for rush shipping for my team order?
Yes, you can pay for rush shipping. While we cannot rush the printing process, we are happy to have your package sent via UPS 3- day, 2-day, or overnight. Please just notify the Account Manager you are working with at the time you place your order.

How much will my team order cost to ship?
If you’re within the US, we offer shipping for $1 per item. We'll ship it via UPS Ground, so your gear will be guaranteed to get where you need, when you need it! Neato! If you’re an international customer prices depend on weight, speed and where it is being shipped. Contact us at and we’ll get a quote to you right away. Remember, international customers are responsible for any import duties.


I heard that Five gear runs a little small. Is that true?
Size is relative, Kemosabe. Our jerseys are definitely smaller than elephants, but are usually larger than a breadbox. Check out our fitting guide to get an idea of what sizes you might be. Keep in mind also that the heat involved in the screen printing process can also shrink gear up to about 1/2 inch. If in doubt, order a size up. We can also send you samples of our gear to try on, to make sure you get the perfect fit. We’ll pay to ship it to you, and you can just ship it back to us once you’ve tried it out! Email us at for details.

Do you have women’s sizes?
Yes! Take a look at our fitting guide for more details. Most of our products are avaiable in slightly different cuts for men and women. Some products, however, like our reversibles, only come in unisex sizing.

Do you have a sizing chart available?
Yes. You can find our sizing charts here.