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Tournament Weekend: Packing Tips

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Tournament Weekend: Packing Tips

So, you've got your first ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend? Maybe you have no idea what you should pack or maybe you’re just a chronic over-packer. Well we’re here to help you pack only the most essential gear for every type of tournament weekend. No matter if you're competing on your first college field, heading to toast your buns at a destination beach tournament, or hitting up that long-time pined-after party tourney. 

This packing list of ultimate gear will keep you comfortable, field ready, and looking great all weekend long.


  1. Don't forget the basics.

Don’t forget to pack your jerseys. That means a light and a dark. This might sound pretty obvious but trust me, people forget. No one wants to be the person hounding their friends for their Sunday reserve jersey. Need help getting team gear for a tournament? Hit us up so we can help hook you up with the best ultimate jerseys on the planet.  


  1. Shorts matter.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of Triton shorts. You'll be relieved to have these lightweight performance cut shorts in your wardrobe, you might even consider grabbing two pairs.


  1. You can never have enough socks.

You'll be playing upwards to 8 games usually and your feet will hate you if you stay in the same pair all day. Reward yourself with quality socks and bring enough pairs to change halfway through each day. Don't forget the drive home either - no one in the car wants to smell cleat feet. Trust us.


  1. Skip the jeans. 

Skip the casual clothes and avoid packing jeans (unless they're part of your costume). Throw in a pair of sweatpants and, if you're tight on space just wear them during the pre-tournament or post-tournament travel. Added bonus if you can fit two pairs in there. That early morning round 1 game can get pretty chilly.


  1. Pack it all down in a waterproof field bag.

One way or another your bag will most likely get wet. If it's not the unexpected rain shower, it’s the Nalgene without a cap that'll get you. Avoid having to lay all your clothes out to dry and pick up a dedicated tournament bag. You can stock it with essentials like a bottle of IB for aches, throw in a pair of Friction gloves for those cold windy days, or stash an extra, extra pair of socks in there.


Whether it's your first tournament or you're a seasoned vet and keen to the tips and tricks to guarantee a bed spot (spoiler it’s booking your own hotel room), don't forget to play hard and have fun.