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5 Steps To Ordering Custom Team Gear

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5 Steps To Ordering Custom Team Gear

Putting together an ultimate team is a lot of work. Between running tryouts, rostering players, finding practice fields, establishing a team culture, it's no wonder that many teams find themselves in a time crunch to get gear before their first major tournament. 

We're here to help so we've gone ahead and broken down the Five Ultimate Custom Team Order timeline for you. This way you can work backward from when you need gear and make sure that you start the process with plenty of time.

And once you're ready, contact us to start your team order!


Custom Gear Full Timeline

STEP 1: Holler at us!

Recommended time allotment ~1 week

Thinking about gear, but not sure what you want? Just ask us! We're here to help answer all of your questions so you can win big with your team with fly new gear!

How to speed up this step: Get the ball rolling quickly by pre-empting some key questions and include your answers in the initial reach-out. 

  • When do you need your gear? -> Yep, I put it here again. It's that important!
  • Where are you located? -> This will determine what shipping method is best for your deadline.
  • Which items do you want to order? We outfit teams in more than just the standard light and dark jersey.
  • What artwork/design ideas do you have? Whether you're reusing a team logo or need help coming up with this year's theme, we've got you.


STEP 2: Refine artwork to bring your masterpiece to life!

Recommended time allotment ~1-3 weeks

Based on your art direction, our designers will put together a mock-up for you. The design portion is frequently a back-and-forth process until we land on the perfect mock-up for your squad. It's safe to budget at least a couple of weeks for this step. As you always, we offer free artwork assistance!


STEP 3: Submit your order!

Recommended time allotment ~ 1-2 weeks

Mock-up approved? Time to get your player orders and payment submitted! We offer two ways to submit your order.

  • You can fill out a Five Ultimate Order Form with each player's sizes and numbers, then submit a bulk payment for team gear.
  • Or, utilize our online ordering system, Agility. This allows each player to choose and pay for their own gear individually. Tip: typically a team will keep Agility links open for 2 weeks, but we can adjust that based on your team's needs. 


STEP 4: Production & shipping!

Estimated production time for screenprinted or spot sublimated gear ~ 4 weeks
Estimated production time for Full Sub gear ~ 5 weeks


Not sure which process is right for your team gear? Don't sweat it. We've written another blog to help you decide. Or, if you're tired of reading, reach out to us and we'll help you out.

Once the printing production is complete, we'll do a quality-control check to make sure everything is as ordered. And as gear passes our rigorous tests, we ship it all out to its forever homes.


STEP 5: Rock your new Five gear!

Recommended time allotment ~ Forever

Oregon Fugue

Celebrate! And, don't forget to post pictures of your team rocking your fresh new gear! 


Ready to get your team hooked up? Start a custom team order.