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Team Fundraising: More Than Just Selling Discs

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Team Fundraising: More Than Just Selling Discs

Most college ultimate teams get little to no funding from their schools and therefore it's up to the players to pay their way. Since most college kids are already living on a tight budget, paying for team gear can seem out of reach and at times even prevents some players from continuing the sport. We believe that ultimate is for everyone. We stick by this belief and so we've put together some tips for you to find ways to fundraise for your team.

So you might have heard of our online team ordering platform called Agility. This software allows us to build an online store for your specific team, featuring all the custom gear you'd like, plus it has a short turnaround time from when you finalize gear to receiving a link with your open store. 

How can Agility help you fundraise?

Agility is great because having a shareable link to order your team gear helps you stay organized, prevents you from chasing down teammates to collect sizing or payment later on. Instead, you can post a link to your order page to your team GroupMe, Facebook page, or even email it out to all your old alumni. Perks of having an online store: each player pays and checks out for their individual gear, individually. We can even tack on a few dollars to each item, take the sum of all that, then send a check back to you. Some teams have used this fundraising ability to create a uniform scholarship fund for next season. 

How much can my team fundraise?

The limit does not exist. For real. You keep all the funds, we keep a small percentage (3.5%) of sales to cover the cost associated with running your team website. 

Ready to get started on your team's fundraiser?

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