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Help the Dominican Republic Mixed Team Get to World's!

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Help the Dominican Republic Mixed Team Get to World's!

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Hey frisbee fam! The Dominican Republic Mixed Team reached out to us about their dream of bringing their best players to World's, and the obstacles that they face while trying to achieve it. In their words,

"The teams that attend Worlds are supposed to represent the Best of that country and it has been our dream to send our top players to worlds for the past events. However, due to economic obstacles, the Dominican Republic has not been able to accomplish this dream. We have been fundraising all year to try to help with this financial burden. Some of our best players come from a poor economic background and do not even own a passport. As a country we want to have the same opportunities as other countries to send their best athletes and compete at the highest level.  To do this we are asking for some help."


At Five Ultimate, we are proud to give back to the Ultimate community. We've set up a Team Store to help them fundraise for the upcoming season, with 75% of profits being donated to the team!

"Five Ultimate has been gracious enough to partner with us in this endeavor. Together we have crafted epic uniform designs, which will be on sale in our Five Ultimate Store. ALL proceeds you will help us raise go towards our players who need it most.

Help us, Help them."


Order now to help celebrate this team and help them get to worlds! Visit the collection here.