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Custom Printing

Creating the perfect gear for your team means choosing the perfect customization option for your needs. A jersey is just a blank canvas where you get to paint your team identity - so you'll want to do it right!

We offer a bunch of high-quality custom printing options including full sublimation, spot-sublimation, screen printing, and embroidery. Full color, sublimated jerseys are our particular specialty.

Whatever you're into, we're here to help! Plus, we offer free artwork assistance because we think all ultimate teams should get to have their dream jersey without breaking the bank. 

Say no more, I'm ready to get started on my team order!

Here are the custom printing options you have to imbue your gear with your team’s unique culture. 




Sublimation is by far the coolest way to customize your ultimate gear. Full sublimation allows you to full control over every inch of your ultimate jersey. You aren’t limited by the number of colors, locations, or the complexity of your design.

"Sublimation" is actually a technical term for the transition of a substance directly from a solid to a gas, without becoming a liquid in between (more here if you want to really nerd out). It is the only way to customize an entire jersey.

With full sub, the pieces of the item will be sublimated before they are cut out and assembled into a final product. That’s what allows your design to go right up to a seam. 

Designing a sublimated jersey is a lot like directing a multi-million dollar superhero flick. It costs more to produce, but the “cool factor” is a much higher, and there are very, very few restrictions. However, it can be easy to go a little overboard with full creative freedom and power.

And, unfortunately, some of big budget movies fall into the trap of the blockbuster director, shouting random words like “more explosions!” and “throw a dinosaur riding a pink-bearded mountain-man on there!”


Some sublimation fans checking out more cool sub gear. Can't get enough!


When we sublimate a jersey, we print your design onto a huge piece of paper, then apply quite a bit of heat and pressure. That combination sublimates the ink on the paper, while at the same time the fibers of your jersey to open up and absorb the gaseous ink.

Pretty cool huh? We think so, too. If you have wild design dreams for your team jersey, sublimation is probably the option for you. The sublimation process allows a design to go right up to the seams with ease. With sublimation, the only real design limitation is your imagination!


Spot sub is like a littler version of full sub. You still get the benefit of unlimited colors, but the process of spot sublimation occurs after the jersey is assembled. Sublimating on a finished jersey constrains your design in a couple of ways:

  1. You can only spot sub on white jerseys.

  2. You pay for each location you customize.

Don't get us wrong: spot sub is still a beautiful way to customize a jersey or shorts (and a great middle ground to save time and money), but you lose a bit of the limitless flexibility of full sublimation.

If you’re looking for more design flexibility than screen printing but lower costs and a shorter turnaround time than full sublimation, spot sublimation may be the best choice.


Full sublimation for short sleeve jerseys starts at $60.

  • Player Numbers: Add $5 per location
  • Player Names: Add $5 per location

Spot-sublimated gear starts at $25.

  • Add $8.50 per side of each jersey (include logos, numbers, and names).
  • Spot sub sleeves are an additional $8.50

Full sub gear typically takes between 5-7 weeks to produce after final design and payment has been submitted. Spot sublimation, on the other hand, can be produced and shipped 3-4 weeks from order finalization.

You can find all of our gear prices on the pricing page, or fill out this form for a custom quote.


Screen printing is a process of laying ink onto a jersey, and drying it in an oven. You pay for each color you place in each location, which means that simpler logos cost less to produce.

Going back to our movie director comparison, designing screen printed ultimate gear is kind of like directing an indie movie. Costs are relatively low, but restrictions abound. You, as director, are often forced to come up with creative ways to get your point across without shelling out for fancy camera effects or insane computer graphics.

This might sound like a recipe for a lame jersey, but you can actually use these constraints to your advantage. Ever heard of the psychology of limitation? It’s the idea that when you’re presented with very limited options, you’re forced to be more creative in your problem solving.

Well, in the mystical world of ultimate apparel customization, screen printing creates the most constraints by far. However, captains who choose this option will be rewarded with cleaner, and often more professional looking gear, that’s less expensive, and quicker to produce!


A screen with the desired logo is placed on top of a jersey. Paint is applied and spread over the logo recess and onto the jersey, then dried. This type of customization typically results in a clean, sharp, and professional look for a fraction of the overall cost and time of fully sublimated jerseys.

Designs are fairly limited in complexity and are priced in accordance to the number of colors used and number of locations. Each color is a different screen - so the more colors you want, the more expensive (and heavier with ink) a screen printed jersey will be. Thus, screen printed gear is best served for teams looking to keep it simple.

Screen printing is an excellent option for teams looking to get gear in a pinch or seeking a more economical options for their players.


Screen printed jerseys start at $25.

  • Screen Price: $4 for a single color, add $2 per additional color

  • Player Numbers: Add $4 per location

  • Player Names: Add $6 per location

For example, Pitt’s classic logo is made up of three screens, as you can see below.


Three screens means that Pitt’s logo costs them $8 ($4+$2+$2) per jersey. If they had decided to get just one of the three elements pictured above, it would have cost $4 per jersey, but a sweet design can be priceless.

A screen’s maximum size (for a Five Ultimate jersey at least) is 12.5 x 16 inches. Any logo or logos within that area can be completed in one screen, provided that they only use one color of ink. That means that each of the designs below cost $3, despite the difference in size and complexity of the design!

If you want to add a screen outside of that area (like the sleeve, hip, or above the neck in the back), you’ll have to add another $3 per jersey.

You can find all of our gear prices on the pricing page. 

Screen printing is by far the quickest customization option. We gaurantee that your gear will be shipped three weeks after final art and payment are submitted. 


Embroidery is a customization process that uses thread to decorate a piece of gear. Embroidery offers a super polished look that’s best used on more durable fabrics like hats, and outerwear.

We don’t recommend embroidering on our Electro Jerseys, Hydro Shorts, or Triton Shorts. But it does look pretty fly for Odyssey Jackets, Duality Pants, and hats of all stripes!

Availability, pricing, and production timeline will depend on the total thread count of your design. It’s best to send your design to us and ask for an estimate.


If you're not sure what type of customization you need, or you just want to take advantage of our free art assistance, you can get help from us any time.