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DiscNY Stepping Up to Support the Ultimate Community and Beyond in NYC

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DiscNY Stepping Up to Support the Ultimate Community and Beyond in NYC

Five Ultimate is teaming up with Aria Discs to help raise funds for local Ultimate non-profits like DiscNY. These organizations have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, being forced to cancel all their spring programs and events, and potentially their summer ones as well. These events are not only important to their local Ultimate communities but are critical for raising necessary funds that allow them to operate. 

During these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever for us to come together as a community and make sure we all come out the other side of this stronger than before. Five Ultimate’s Quaranteam partnerships and limited-edition line of products are our way of giving back to these amazing organizations that do so much for their communities. 

We spoke with DiscNY Board Member, Mickey Pearl, to learn more about how the global pandemic has affected their organization and community. Read on below to learn more about the wonderful work they do and how joining the DiscNY Quaranteam can help.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic been affecting you and your organization? 

Mickey Pearl: New York City has been one of the epicenters of the current pandemic in the U.S. With the region shut down, our operations have also come to a grinding halt. We suspended all of our programs in early March, and have since canceled all spring activities including our high school and middle school leagues. Our summer plans remain uncertain — it's unlikely we will run any programs before July, which means our YCC squads and adult club season are in question. 

Spring is our busiest season, so canceling all of these leagues, programs, and events directly impacts DiscNY's financial standing. Beyond the financial hardships and the sadness of missing playing Ultimate and spending time with friends, we are concerned about the impact the pandemic will have on New York City in general. Entire industries are decimated; folks are struggling to pay for essentials. 

The effect runs much deeper than having to cancel our own programs.

What are you looking forward to right now? 

MP: We hope that our community members and New Yorkers, in general, will learn how to spend time outdoors in a safe and respectful manner. Now that the weather is improving, it is inevitable that people will want to spend more time outdoors. But the realities of New York can make that challenging; not everyone will be able to enjoy being outdoors in the same way. We are looking forward to tossing a disc with some friends, spending time in the sun, and doing that in a way that keeps the safety of others in mind.

How are you hoping to use the funds raised through the Quaranteam fundraiser?

MP: We are not only concerned about DiscNY but about our much larger community — the greater NYC area. With many New Yorkers experiencing food vulnerability or homelessness, DiscNY is planning on splitting the funds raised between itself and two other non-profits: NY Common Pantry and the Coalition for the Homeless. The funds we keep will go towards our ongoing expenses, ensuring we can continue to support our employees, and set aside towards fall youth programs.

What does being a part of a Quaranteam mean to you? 

MP: We are so excited to work with Five Ultimate on this great project! It's a way for us to support an organization dedicated to the larger Ultimate community while also offering some relief to fellow New Yorkers as well as our own community members.

If you’d like to join the DiscNY Quaranteam and help support New York’s Ultimate community, you can order your official gear in the DiscNY Quaranteam shop. Hurry — the store closes May 24. 

If you’re involved with a local Ultimate non-profit organization and want to find out more about partnering with us for your own Quaranteam fundraiser, you can email