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Need custom team gear? Click here to get started! Need custom team gear? Click here to get started!

5 Ways To Save Money On Team Uniforms From Five Ultimate

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5 Ways To Save Money On Team Uniforms From Five Ultimate

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Many people think that the only way to snag a good deal on custom gear is to know someone on the inside. If you are one of these people, then you'll be happy to learn that there are actually a number of great ways that anyone can score sweet discounts and sponsorships for their team!

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The old adage “bigger is better” actually does apply when it comes to order sizes.

 Bulk Ordering 

If your team is ordering large amounts of gear, you might qualify for a bulk order discount! To give you a base, bulk order discounts kick in at a quantity of 30 full kits (a full kit is 2 jerseys + 1 shorts), including at least one fully sublimated item. 


Not sure if your order qualifies? Ask us by emailing



 Are you ordering for a high school or youth team? Good news - you get a discount!

Youth Discounts

Youth teams receive $2 off both their jersey and their shorts orders. Because we want the future of ultimate to look incredible.



Got friends and family interested in your team swag? Do they want to support your team in all its efforts? Now they can - through fan gear fundraising!


With a Five custom gear order, we can set up an Agility link for anyone to buy gear with your team’s name written all over it. Teams can set the prices for the items, and Five will cut the team a check for the difference!


Club, college and school teams are already using this as a tool to supplement their team's budget! Be the hero your team wants - cut down on team dues and set up a fan Agility link!


One easy way to save a buck on a new season kit is through a team sponsorship.


Become a sponsored team!

2015 sponsored Ohio Fever showing Five their smolder.


In the fall, Five offers college teams three different sponsorship opportunities: Elite, Competitive, and Spirit. Our application is open now!



Throughout the year we run special promos and deals for team gear. Check out our team deals page here for all the promos we're currently running.


Enjoy the latest and greatest in Five deals and discounts, and follow us on social media! We’ll throw in the cat memes for free.



Get more expert tips for ordering team gear with the guide below.


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