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2021 Summer Bundeals

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2021 Summer Bundeals

You know what’s more fun than a kit bundle? A DEAL on kit bundles. But here at Five Ultimate, we’re always raising the bar.

Introducing the 2021 Summer BUNDEALS.

Our Bundeals™* are guaranteed to get you and your team looking fresh and fly as you dust off those ultimate muscles and try to relearn how to throw a white disc (we never want to have to think about overstable discs again). We can get you a full kit – shorts, a white, and a dark – with fun different print options at bonkers low prices, because we too have missed the ultimate field.

Our $59 Bundeal™ is made up of a pair of screen printed shorts, a spot sublimated white jersey, and a screen printed dark jersey. The shorts and jerseys can be in any color you dream (probably) and all include a 1-color screenprint or spot sub logo. Custom Names, Numbers, and additional logos can be added as extras.

The $79 Bundeal™ has all the same things... except that your dark jersey will be fully sublimated and include free names and numbers! The print quality is a huge step up, and you can go crazy with design elements, colors, and logos. Plus, the jersey will be made out of our brand new Relectro fabric, which is made out of recycled plastic bottles and feels like magic. 

Contact us to get started on your design today! Deal ends July 15th. 

*This is not trademarked. However, we are very proud of it.