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Rainier Crest 32 oz Insulated Flask

$41.00 $7.00

Ultimate is often played in extreme temperatures. If you're using an un-insulated water bottle, then you're probably used to the disappointment of drinking water that is subject to the weather. It doesn't have to be that way, y'all. Meet the Rainier Crest Insulated Flask. It is 32 ounces of vacuum-sealed, double-walled, multi-hyphenated goodness. In other words, it's the perfect companion for an ultimate player who requires water to live, but hates drinking tepid, lukewarm liquids. Fill it with ice and bring it to a tournament. Even in the direct sunlight, you're going to have cold water for the day. psst - Are you comparison shopping? We conducted a series of tests to see if this puppy stood up to name brand insulated water bottles like the Hydro Flask. You can test it yourself, or you can trust us when we say that this bottle is just as good at keeping hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold, and it has a kick-ass ultimate theme. Can't beat that, playa.