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Triton Shorts (U)


Unisex XS
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Config Color:
Black / Black
Charcoal / Gray
Black / Red
Black / Neon Green
Charcoal / Royal
Black / Gray
Charcoal / Bright Red
Navy / Royal
Navy / Gray
White / Red
White / Blue

Heads up player! Triton Shorts are NOT Hydro Shorts. Hydro Shorts are great for playing ultimate, great for sleeping, and great for lounging around on a Saturday (or any day really).

Triton Shorts on the other hand are meant solely for playing ultimate. They were designed to perform even in extreme conditions. They don’t absorb water (seriously, you could bid into a swimming pool and these shorts wouldn’t weigh you down when you climb out), and the mesh patch in the back increases airflow to keep you comfortable in the heat. They are absolutely perfect to bring to a tournament. You can play in them all day, then switch to Hydro once it’s time to relax and recount the time you totally Mario’d that n00b in the endzone for the score.