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Tournament Bag


The Tournament Bag is hands down the best bag to bring to an ultimate tournament. We know because we spent five years designing, developing, and product testing this bag. It is the pinnacle of our product line. You can read about the full journey from idea to final product here. Now on to the specifics: You’ve got a disc pouch on the front (also good for cleats if you’re one of those people who doesn't bring a disc to tournaments), the rain fly in the back, and so much good stuff in the middle. The top of the bag is water-resistant and the bottom is made of a tarp-like material that is completely waterproof, but if the rain really gets bad, there is a rain fly on the back that protects your gear from any amount of water. Inside, there are pockets to hold your valuables and plenty of space for all your gear. We designed it to be big enough to hold all of your ultimate gear plus a sleeping bag and small sleeping pad.