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FAQ's about Five Ultimate's merge with Savage Apparel Co and Aria Discs to form XII Brands

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FAQ's about Five Ultimate's merge with Savage Apparel Co and Aria Discs to form XII Brands

Is this a full merger?

It is a full merger. XII Brands is owned by the owners of Five and the owners of Savage. Both are all equally invested in XII’s goals to create the best possible gear for the Ultimate community and beyond. 

Will Five and Savage no longer exist, or will the brands still retain their own identities?

Each brand will retain their own identities. Each company will continue to work independently to serve its customers, but will be working together to bring large-scale projects to life.

Will Five's newly-hired notorious President/CEO be retained?

Five's former CEO did a great job but his contract ended at the end of 2019. Todd Curran, CEO of Savage Apparel is the new Five CEO and we couldn't be happier.

Where will the printing be done?

Production for all XII Brands currently is taking place in Richmond, Virginia. We're pumped to have a USA production facility! 

What product lines will be discontinued in the merger?

Since each brand is retaining each of their own identities, we're not discontinuing our items but we do have plans of expanding our product line in the future. Stay tuned!

How will the experience for a customer buying from one vs. the other be different?

As a customer, you can expect each of our brands to become stronger as we share resources and support one another. All of the brands under XII’s umbrella will become stronger as we share resources and support one another — just as any successful team should. 

What led to creating this new entity?

Our goal is to take the best practices from each of the brands and expand them into producing top quality products. We chose to work as teammates rather than opponents!

Savage offers adjusted prices for many products in Canada to compensate for the currency change. Can we expect something similar from Five and Aria?

Yep! You can also expect locally made goods in Canada starting in summer 2020! Products will be produced in our Vancouver production house and will be priced in Canadian dollars. This should take the guesswork out of shipping/tariffs/duties and currency exchange. We're doing the same for Europe and the Asian Pacific.

Did this idea start on a napkin?

Nah, but it did start with an email from Savage's owner Todd Curran saying "Hey, we're looking into Seattle/Vancouver, want to chat?" which turned into a much larger conversation and thus the formation of XII Brands.

How do you pronounce XII?

XII pronounced [eks ahy ahy].

Have any questions of your own?

Hit us up at!

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