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Black Flash 3/4 Compression Tights


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Dear Five Ultimate, I'm so tired of feeling cold on the field. My insides tighten and my hair stands up straight. Please help me stay warm so I can stay loose, move fast, and keep playing the game I love, no matter how cold it is outside. Sincerely, Legs

Dear Legs, We've got you covered. Well 3/4 of you at least. Love, Five Ultimate


True story: the Flash 3/4 tights were originally seen in a dream. Like all good dreams, 'twas a dream filled with fanciful beauty, plenty of strangeness, and moderate compression. It took a long time to make this dream a reality, but we've finally done it. Flat seams prevent chafing, and the fabric suppresses odor, wicks away moisture and breathes better than a scuba diver with a full tank of air.