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A Guide To The Post Game Cheer

A Guide To The Post Game Cheer

The post-game tradition can be quite a tricky skill to master. Most team's scramble to come up with something more creative than the generic "Good Game [Team Name]", but end up spit-balling ridiculously bad ideas for 10 minutes until settling on terrible wordplay before the other team carts off to their next game.

If this sounds like you, here's a guide to save you from that distress.

Draw UP a Limerick

Consider where the team is from, what the "mascot" is, or something special about their uniforms/costumes. From there, plug in some ultimate terms or specific situations that happened during the game to come up with a totally original and awesome cheer. For a little more help, here's a list of words that rhyme with popular ultimate terms:

  • Bid - did, kid, hid, slid, squid, eyelid, Madrid, grandkid
  • Layout - when in doubt, pout, about, sprout, shout
  • Huck - duck, buck, chuck, shuck, stuck, truck, schmuck, luck, suck, puck, cluck, thunderstruck
  • Flick - brick, chick, quick, thick, trick, stick, Nick, slick, tick, kick, lunatic
  • Mark - bark, hark, Clark, dark, shark, spark, stark, park, aardvark, monarch, Bismarck
  • Block - shock, croc, dock, jock, rock, flock, hawk, sock, stalk, walk, talk, mock, lock, knock, Bangkok, chalk, Sherlock, wedlock, smock, Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Score - store, door, for, snore, pour, four, bore, roar, floor, wore, tore, Al Gore, chore, war, shore, adore, before, indoor, boar, albacore, matador, labrador, herbivore
  • Dump - bump, grump, chump, slump, stump, thump, rump, pump, hump, jump, Donald Trump, Heffalump, bungee jump
  • Dance - prance, trance, ants, pants, plants, chance, France, romance, perchance

Write An Original Song

Come up with a song on your drive down that you can sing to all your opponents by adapting a few words for each team. It's easiest and best received when it's a parody of a popular song, but if you're inspired, feel free to come up with your own tune too! Be careful not to come up with a cheer for yourselves! While it's fun to chant on the sideline, presenting your opponents with a self-congratulatory cheer about how great you are, isn't very SOTG-y.



Before your tournament, put together a list of original go-to cheers to have in your back pocket. Add an action or dance at the end of your cheer specific to the team to give it some extra umph! But please, come up with something original! Avoid these generic clichéd cheers at all cost:

  • Peanut butter, peanut butter. Crunch, crunch, crunch. We enjoyed playing you a bunch, bunch, bunch. Go [team name]!
  • 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? [Team name]
  • Toothpaste, toothpaste. We like Crest. We think your team is the best. Go [team name]!

You can do better.

Rely on Puns (if all else fails)

Here in ultimate land, we love our puns. Five has worked with dozens of teams that manage to fit ultimate terms like "disc" or "huck" into their team name, where the Pun Police would insist they do not belong. To name a few:

  • Bidness Time
  • Discie Chicks
  • Game of Throws
  • Hammer Time
  • Hucking Fooligans
  • Love Handlers
  • Mighty Hucks
  • Princess Layout
  • RiDISCulous
  • Ultimato

Heck, there are teams with names that are puns on other team names (Dragon Trust, Ironsighed)! If ultimate were a religion, puns would be the gospel.

Embrace your natural tendency as an ultimate player to pun it up! Just don't waste too much time trying to force a pun if one doesn't crop up naturally.


Whatever you decide on, make sure your whole team knows what you're doing, perform with confidence, and proceed to dance aggressively. No matter how bad your cheer was, a dance party will always send your opponents off with good vibes!

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What is Spot Sublimation Printing?

What is Spot Sublimation Printing?
If you’re looking for more design flexibility than screen printing for your jerseys but lower costs and shorter turnaround time than full sublimation, spot sublimation may be the best choice for your custom team gear. Continue reading

How To Set Goals For Tournaments

How To Set Goals For Tournaments
Setting progressive tournament goals allows players to more clearly see their progress both individually and as a team. This is what the experts have to say about how to make the best out of a tournament. Continue reading

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Screen Printing

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Screen Printing

So you’ve done your research, and opted for screen printing your custom ultimate gear over sublimation. Maybe you’re on a tight timeline or a tight budget.  Maybe you just like the pared-down look of screen printing compared to the razzle-dazzle of a full sub.

Regardless, there are a few things every captain should know before she starts designing her screen printed ultimate uniform. In this post, we'll address a couple of classic questions, such as: 

  • What exactly is a screen?

  • How does it affect your budget?

  • Why are we asking rhetorical questions, when we could just straight to the point? 

All great questions. Let's get to it! Or, just follow click here start your team order!

1. One screen = one color in one location

Here’s a visualization of how we print a single screen on a jersey:

If you choose Five to customize your uniforms, each screen will cost you $4 for the first color and $2 per additional color. Pitt’s classic logo is made up of three screens, as you can see below:

Three screens at $4+$2+$2 means that Pitt’s logo costs them $8 per jersey. If they had decided to get just one of the three elements pictured above, they would have saved $4 per jersey!

Hokay. We’ve covered color, now we need to talk location.

Ready? A screen’s maximum size (for a Five Ultimate jersey at least) is 12.5 x 16 inches. Any logo or logos within that area can be completed in one screen, provided that they only use one color of ink. That means that each of the designs below cost $3, despite the difference in size and complexity of the design!

If you want to add a screen outside of that area (like the sleeve, hip, or above the neck in the back), you’ll have to add another $3 per jersey.

2. You can save money by using fewer screens

Each screen costs $3, and now that you know exactly what a screen is, you have all the necessary tools to come up with a custom jersey design that is both awesome and cost-effective! If you'd rather leave the designing to the experts, simply ask us to help you save money by keeping the number of screens down. We never charge for art assistance, so you should always take advantage of our (free) expertise!

3. A note about hidden fees

When we create a screen, we’re physically burning your design into a sheet of silk, then spread ink over the area.

That piece of silk is permanently marked with your design, and most printing companies hold on to their screens forever. Creating and storing an ever-increasing number of screens results in a pretty significant cost, and that's part of the reason why some companies will charge you fees for creating or setting up the screen.

Five never charges hidden fees for set-ups, screen changes, or color changes, but we do require that you order a minimum quantity of 15 items for new designs and 10 items for reprints. The reprint costs a little less because the screen is already made. That’s why the minimum order is lower!

As you can probably imagine, customizing the screen is the most expensive part of this process. This is why screens for player names, which have to be custom-made for each and every player, are more expensive than logo screens, which can be used across the entire team's jerseys!  

Ready to get your team hooked up with new gear?

Hit us up to get started on your custom team order!

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Tournament Weekend: Packing Tips

Tournament Weekend: Packing Tips

Whether it's you're heading to your first ultimate frisbee tournament or you're a seasoned vet and keen to the tips and tricks to guarantee a bed spot, we've got your ultimate tournament packing list. 

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Team Fundraising: More Than Just Selling Discs

Team Fundraising: More Than Just Selling Discs

Most college ultimate teams get little to no funding from their schools and therefore it's up to the players to pay their way. Since most college kids are already living on a tight budget, paying for team gear can seem out of reach and at times even prevents some players from continuing the sport. We believe that ultimate is for everyone. We stick by this belief and so we've put together some tips for you to find ways to fundraise for your team.

So you might have heard of our online team ordering platform called Agility. This software allows us to build an online store for your specific team, featuring all the custom gear you'd like, plus it has a short turnaround time from when you finalize gear to receiving a link with your open store. 

How can Agility help you fundraise?

Agility is great because having a shareable link to order your team gear helps you stay organized, prevents you from chasing down teammates to collect sizing or payment later on. Instead, you can post a link to your order page to your team GroupMe, Facebook page, or even email it out to all your old alumni. Perks of having an online store: each player pays and checks out for their individual gear, individually. We can even tack on a few dollars to each item, take the sum of all that, then send a check back to you. Some teams have used this fundraising ability to create a uniform scholarship fund for next season. 

How much can my team fundraise?

The limit does not exist. For real. You keep all the funds, we keep a small percentage (3.5%) of sales to cover the cost associated with running your team website. 

Ready to get started on your team's fundraiser?

Send us an email as or fill out this form.

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