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Captain Resources Blog

  • Tournament Weekend: Packing Tips

    Whether it's you're heading to your first ultimate frisbee tournament or you're a seasoned vet and keen to the tips and tricks to guarantee a bed spot, we've got your ultimate tournament packing list. 

  • GURLS: The Ultimate Organization Dedicated To Empowering Our Future Leaders

    Girls Ultimate Revolution Leadership Series is the non-profit that is empowering our future leaders of ultimate.
  • Team Fundraising: More Than Just Selling Discs

    Most college ultimate teams get little to no funding from their schools and therefore it's up to the players to pay their way. Since most college ...
  • How To Give Stellar Art Direction To Your Designer

    Sometimes, words can be hard. We've written a quick guide to help you communicate your wildest design ideas to your jersey designer. (spoiler: we want to see more gifs)
  • 5 Steps To Ordering Custom Team Gear

    Hear tips from the pros on how to order your custom team gear and hit deadlines tighter than your compression shorts.
  • How To Keep Injured Players Involved

    Here's the latest from Mario O'Brien from RiseUp and ultacademy on getting the most out of your injured players and keeping teammates involved as the rehab their injury.
  • 5 Ways To Save Money On Team Uniforms From Five Ultimate

    Who doesn’t love a good discount? Many people think that the only way to snag a good deal on custom gear is to know someone on the inside.
  • Our Favorite Sublimated Jersey Designs: Summer 2019

    Here's a pretty list of some of the most notable full sub jerseys we've seen pass through our doors and out onto those crisp clean fields over yonder.
  • Our Favorite Spot Sub Jersey Designs: Fall 2019

    If you're looking for more design flexibility than screenprint but also less of the pocket purge that is full sub, you're looking for spot sublimation.