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Captain Resources Blog

  • Stay Mentally Fit with These 10 Books

    Keeping your mind sharp is one component to staying ultimate ready so you can hit the field once it's safe to do so. Here are 10 books to read to improve your ultimate game.
  • COVID-19 and Five Ultimate: Our response to Coronavirus

    As major sports institution-partners, like USA Ultimate and the American Ultimate Disc League, continue to release announcements regarding cancellations and postponements, all of our brands are working diligently to ensure that you have what you need to be ready to hit the fields when it is safe to do so once again. Stay healthy. Look out for each other.
  • FAQ's about Five Ultimate's merge with Savage Apparel Co and Aria Discs to form XII Brands

    This is only the beginning. As the team apparel partner of organizations like the AUDL and the U.S. National Team, XII Brands is primed to be the No. 1 Ultimate company in the world. Have questions? We've got answers.
  • Salvaging Spirit During Game Time

    "The integrity of ultimate depends on each player's responsibility to uphold the Spirit of the Game, and this responsibility should remain paramount." - USA Ultimate
  • XII Brands will help Five, Savage, and ARIA build a better sport together

    The combination of Five Ultimate, Savage Apparel Co. and ARIA Discs helps us build a better ultimate community, not just a bigger one. We hope you join us in this celebration.
  • A Guide To The Post Game Cheer

    The post-game tradition can be quite a tricky skill to master. Most team's scramble to come up with something more creative than the generic "Good ...
  • What is Spot Sublimation Printing?

    If you’re looking for more design flexibility than screen printing for your jerseys but lower costs and shorter turnaround time than full sublimation, spot sublimation may be the best choice for your custom team gear.
  • How To Set Goals For Tournaments

    Setting progressive tournament goals allows players to more clearly see their progress both individually and as a team. This is what the experts have to say about how to make the best out of a tournament.
  • 3 Things Everyone Should Know About Screen Printing

    So you’ve done your research, and opted for screen printing your custom ultimate gear over sublimation. Maybe you’re on a tight timeline or a tight...
  • Choosing The Right Printing Options For Your Team's Needs

    Spot sublimate versus full sublimation versus screenprinting. We're discussing the differences in print production and how to choose which option is best for your team's custom gear.
  • The Ultimate Spirit Game Master List

    When the game has been won and "good games" congratulated, conditions are perfect to get down with your new friends for a Spirit game.
  • Team Identity: Why It's Important And How To Define Yours

    Team identity can be hard to nail down and describe, but it's at the essence of your team's brand - how you and your teammates view your team and how outsiders do as well.