Rainbow Hydro Shorts

Above: Rainbow Hydro Shorts

Rainbow Hydro Shorts

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Rainbows are a beautiful thing. Double rainbows? Even better. But the pattern on these rainbow shorts loops forever. That's an infinite rainbow...

  1. Same Ol', Same Ol' Review by Steve

    Same 5 Ultimate shorts but in rainbow. Fun! (Posted on 1/13/15)

  2. They're Shorts Review by Carlos

    Same fantastic Hydro shorts...in rainbow! (Posted on 12/26/14)

  3. Decent Review by Nick22334

    Same ol' 5 shorts in rainbow. (Posted on 12/26/14)

  4. Good work, thank you! Review by Cat

    Ordering was easy and the package arrived faster than I expected. She also loves the shorts! Thank you! (Posted on 12/23/14)

  5. Awesome shorts Review by Camille

    These shorts are great, I just got a size too large, I hope they make smaller shorts sooner! (Posted on 11/13/14)

  6. Taste the ranbow Review by Fenton

    Whether you wear them to brighten a dreary day or strut around town in them, these bad boys will always turn heads. (Posted on 9/3/14)

  7. Perfect Eye Candy Shorts Review by Jasti

    Wore this for my beach run and at least had 20 people asking were i got this amazing colorful shorts. Feels soft and great for the run. (Posted on 8/28/14)

  8. My most favorite shorts! Review by Ally Mabry

    I love all things rainbow, so these shorts were an instant hit for me. Not to mention that my team's full-sub jerseys this year have rainbow noodles falling into a bowl with chopsticks (Pad See Ew) down one side, so I obviously needed more rainbows. No other athletic shorts compare to Five's! Lightweight material, super breezy, very comfy and durable for field play. Thanks, Five <3 (Posted on 8/11/14)

  9. Best shorts ever Review by RainbowCat

    Easily the best piece of Ultimate related clothing ever produced. Before I bought these, I was just an average Ultimate player, and now when I play I'm the most stylish player on the field. Other team's put their best players on me, intimidated by the power of the shorts, which allows for huge mismatches for our other better players. Also, if you're ever at a frisbee tournament and someone else is rockin' these bad boys, it is an instant conversation starter. Its like being eskimo brothers, but way more awesome and way less creepy. (Posted on 7/30/14)

  10. Most delightful! Review by Sugar Ray

    These shorts are all that I hoped for, allowing me to shoot downfield with the speed of a really fast thing and dazzling my opponents into a psychedelic daze! (Posted on 7/26/14)

  11. good Review by logan

    Best and amazing shorts I have ever bought. (Posted on 7/22/14)

  12. Great Shorts! Review by David

    After receiving my Rainbow Hydro Shorts from 5 people cant stop complimenting me on them. They're overall great shorts and really make a difference when you're laying out for those long hucks. I'd recommend these to any aspiring Frisbee player! (Posted on 6/26/14)

  13. Rainbow delight Review by Tara V Katz

    Who can go wrong with rainbows!
    Bright, cheery, inclusive, fun, these shorts are everything! And besides that there is not one color that they do not go with. 100% non discrimination in these babies. (Posted on 6/16/14)

  14. Great colors! Review by Sat

    The team like them so much that they're wearing their uniforms! (Posted on 5/29/14)

  15. Shorts are awesome Review by Anonymous

    I really like these shorts, and they are the same size as the other ones I've ordered from Five Ultimate. They are also super comfortable and I have gotten many compliments on them while wearing them to ultimate events. I also wear them to practice and they are just perfect. I would totally recommend these to anyone! (Posted on 5/27/14)

  16. Instant Success Review by Coup

    I bought these shorts back in January and they are instantly the main topic of conversation everytime I wear them! In fact, these shorts single-handedly won me a spirit award at a tournament recently! Nicknames like "LC" [Lucky Charm] and "Skittles" have become commonplace, and on top of all of the glitz, glamour and high fashion sense that comes with these beasts of spirit... THEY ARE COMFORTABLE! Love them! (Posted on 5/18/13)

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Our Hydro Shorts don’t shrink much when printed, so order true to size. They’re lightweight and designed to stay on your hips when you lay out, so bid freely!

-Relaxed fit
-17 colors (and counting!)
-Hydro fabric
-Machine wash, hang dry

Size Waist Chest Length Inseam Leg Width Height Width
XS 28 in 20 in 7 in 13 in
S 29 in 20 in 7 in 13 in
M 30 in 21 in 8 in 14 in
L 32 in 22 in 9 in 14 in
XL 33 in 23 in 9 in 14 in
XXL 34 in 24 in 11 in 14 in

For more sizing information check out our sizing chart page!

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